Privacy policy for the application

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  1. Data Collection:

      The DPX app collects and stores the following types of data:

      User-generated data: This includes information provided by the users during registration, such as name, contact details, and profile information.

      Prospect data: The app collects data related to prospects interested in buying cars from Carone, including leads, appointments, visits, and sales information.

      Makes data: The collects data related to the makes from the cars Carone manages as part of their service, including models and specifications of the models.

      Stores data: The app collects data related to the stores managed by Carone, including the users/employees of each store as well as the general info of said store.

      Agents data: The app collects data related to the agents/users of Carone from each store, managed by Admin to visualize the prospects info assigned to each Agent.

      App usage analytics: The app collects anonymous usage data to improve user experience and app performance.

  1. Data Usage:

      The data collected by DPX is used for the following purposes:

      Providing personalized services Agent: The app utilizes prospect data, appointment and task information to offer tailored experiences to sellers, enabling them to manage and track their leads effectively.

      Providing admin services: The app allows the use of store and agent data to see each agent’s prospects, appointments, task and sales information, individually or in groups, to see performance of the agents, this being displayed in a line table and pie, as well as a list for fastest access to the info.

      Analytics and improvements: Anonymous usage data helps us analyze app performance, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall functionality.

      User support: Collected data may be used to provide customer support and address user queries effectively.

  1. Data Storage and Security:

      Data storage: All user, stores, makes and prospect data collected by DPX is securely stored on our servers. We follow industry best practices to ensure data integrity and protection.

      Access control: User access is strictly managed through authentication and authorization mechanisms. Users can only access data relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

      Encryption: Appropriate encryption measures are implemented to safeguard data during transmission and storage.

      Regular audits: We conduct periodic security audits to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities or risks.

  1. Third-Party Integration:

      DPX integrates with the Carone page and API to retrieve prospects, users, stores, makes and car-related information. The integration follows industry-standard protocols and security measures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

  1. User Controls and Privacy:

      User profiles: Each user has access to a personal profile page to view their own private information.

      Logout and account deletion: Users can log out from the app, terminating their active session. Additionally, users have the option to delete their account and associated data permanently.

      Privacy policy: DPXmaintains a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines the data collection, usage, and storage practices. Users are provided with transparent information regarding data handling and their rights.